Best Netflix music documentaries: 3 ideas | Filmmaking tips

Every filmmaker should routinely watch documentaries. This is certainly one of the most effective ways to learn how to make films of this genre in a great variety of ways.
  If you like music documentaries, for example, there are three very interesting productions available at this moment on Netflix.

Best documentaries on Netflix

"What happened, Miss Simone?"
In this production, besides rare images and classic songs, learn a little bit more about the troubled life of the singer Nina Simone.

Keith Richards: Under The Influence
In this documentary, check out details about the life of Keith Richards, the iconic Rollings Stones guitarist.

Joe Cocker: Mad Dog With Soul
Immerse yourself in the talent and unsteady trajectory of one of the strongest voices the music world has ever produced, Joe Cocker.

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3 great documentaries on Netflix

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