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The invention of the Internet has brought us something amazing: the possibility to learn a lot. And about a wide range of subjects. And from anywhere.

 Online course platforms are great examples in this context. With this kind of service, we can use our smartphones to learn about almost anything, practically.
  • Filmmaking. Content Production. Animation. Creative Writing. Fine Art. Graphic Design. Illustration. Music. Photography. Web Development. Freelancing. Marketing tools. Entrepreneurship. Lifestyle. Gastronomy. Productivity. And much more.
A great example of an online course platform, Skillshare easily brings us all the content mentioned above. Yes, we can access thousands of courses through our smartphone or any web browser, which means we are able to learn amazing content whenever we have free time and an internet connection available.

  •  The online course platform app has a very useful feature yet: it allows you to download courses directly to your smartphone, so you can watch the content even if you are offline.
Free courses period?
Amazing, right? But it can get even better: Skillshare allows its teachers to give a two months trial period to those who subscribe to the platform by a promo link: Yes, that's right.  With this link, you can access all the platform courses during this time, as many times as you like.

  IMPORTANT TIP: If you want to use only the trial period, all you have to do is simply unsubscribe from the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP TRIAL on your Skillshare profile. Note: You have to cancel it before the billing period date, which you can see very easily on your profile (Go to payments section in order to cancel that, if you wish). The platform will only charge you after the trial period, which is explained in your profile quite easily.  IF YOU CANCEL YOUR MEMBERSHIP BEFORE the charging date, you pay nothing for this trial. So pay attention to that and to the dates. :)

Amazing, isn't it? Learn about filmmaking, photography, lifestyle and a lot more. There are many and many classes with creative content. If you want to learn more, just check if this test period is still available - click HERE to check it.

*This is a promo post :)

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